Accent artists!

Wondering if anyone has received theirs in the past 3 days or if it’s just me? :’)

The last Gem recolors I’ll be doing- or so I hope, no one ask for more. /sobbing

Are available in my shop!

I also have all the other Gems (besides the original Ruby Gems) in the AH if anyone would like to grab one for 500 gems / 200k treasure! :)

Taking slots for these Alt. Ruby Gems! Just message me if you’d like a slot~! (On FR, NOT on tumblr)

I also have a new policy on re-selling my accents:

Once you buy an accent it is yours to keep, trade, or sell for however much you want for it-

AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT re-sell for more than 500 gems / 200k treasure.
ANYONE that I see doing that will be blocked and I will no longer sell any of my accents to you.

Reminder that you can swap any of my accents with any others of mine free of charge, just message me!

The ride never ends.


Niharike won my mini, so here’s their Chaoxi~!

This next Saturday will be my last for these, so send in those dragons before the 20th! :)

All these accents available in the AH for 500 gems/ 200k treasure each~!

Just search for Gems. (Also I’m sorry, there’ll be quite a few pages since a whole mess arrived …)

I WAS IN SUCH A RUSH to finish this. OTL (Full view-over 1000x1000 warning)

Darn my accent shop. ;;

Some chibis I did a while back~


Anguish ended up with me on today’s Mini-draw so here’s their humanized sketchy bustshot of their dragon, Corruption~!

Annnnd I’ll be on every Saturday’s Mini-draws from now on, so if you’d like a chance at one of these you should enter the Arcanist Art Raffle! :)

Procrastination is a terrible thing. :’)

All available for slots over here for 500 gems each!