Some stuff for some people on Flight Rising~

Top is Yra’s

Middle was for sugarskull

And the bottom is for the ever amazing lantadyme~!

Working on a freebie for a certain awesome someone. ;)

If you haven’t joined yet, Flight Rising is open for registration if anyone’s interested!

Oh and if anyone has any questions about the site feel free to ask me, I’ll try my best to answer them! Name’s Verceri on there as well! (ID#10266)

Anonymous whispered:
actually on second look it's not traced just very inspired.... nevermind! I overlayed and they didn't match at all. My memory was just off.

Aha no worries anon, thank you so very much for informing me though! :) It’s very appreciated! 


Q: How old are you?
A: 20, Birthday is on August the 27th.

Q: What programs do you use?
A: I use Sai to line and color, and Photoshop to resize adoptables or add text.

Q: What are your pen settings?
A: They’re right here~!

Q: How do you make your lines so smooth?
A: The stabilizer helps a lot, but I’ve been lining for a loooong time.

Q: What tablet do you use?
A: A Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch, it’s been loyal to me for almost 5 years now. :)

Q: How long have you been drawing?
A: All my life, but got serious about it around 2006 or so.

Q: Can I use your art for … ?
A: Yep sure, but please do not remove my signature if there is any. And make sure to credit/link back to me!

Q: Can you make a video tutorial?
A: I’m sorry I can’t at the moment, but I’ve made some image tutorials for my coloring here and my shading here.

Q: Why do you make so many freebies?
A: This is probably from when I used to draw freebies like no tomorrow back in the days(Sadly I can’t as much anymore, drawing takes so long lately :( ) but- I either just really feel like it, am bored, or trying to art bomb certain people~

Q: Do you have a deviantART?
A: I did/do, it goes by the same name but sadly I didn’t get back into it like I did a long time ago, so it’s going to be abandoned. :( I won’t be deleting anything off it though so feel free to browse my gallery!

Q: What is your inspiration?
A: Seeing gorgeous artwork and watching artists improve!

Q: Do you have a NSFW blog?
A: I do just in case I ever draw some half-naked humans. There’s currently nothing there.

Anonymous whispered:
Where is your FAQ? :) I have millions of questions to ask but I don't want to spam your inbox ~BY

Op, I was just thinking about posting it up, I’ll go ahead and do so in a minute! :)

Hmmm … not sure if I should redo the Imperial adoptable? What do you guys think?

There’s also a chubby baby Wildclaw WIP~

Also Lime is still available from my previous post so if you want him please send a CRs to Verceri! (I need to hatch some eggs OTL)

All gone~

Edit: Going to sleep, hopefully people send CRs for ‘em! :’)

Just take them from my hands.

Lime: He’s White/White/Leaf, slap underbelly on him and he’ll be one heck of a pretty dragon!


Seth: He’s Ice/Seafoam/Leaf, and he”ll be grown in about 3 days.


I’ll edit the images once they’ve been rehomed, and remember that these dragons are not drawn by me, they’re dragon pets from Flight Rising~(Which will also be open for registrations soon on April the 14th, starting at 5:00-5:00 server time)

If you’re interested in any of these dragons just send a CR to Verceri! (ID#10266)

A quick simple gear tutorial that I made on my own while working on some stuff. (Steampunk apparel for those FR adopts aha)

Works for the more complex gears as well! (Just add more lines to the sketch!)

Ehhh might as well upload this even though I didn’t quite like how it completely turned out. Explains me procrastinating on it like crazy though! :’)

It was some very nice background practice however even though I rushed on some stuff!

Anonymous whispered:
Just wanted to say I love the way you color stuff. I mean the art as a whole is lovely, but the coloring is so pretty and really makes it jump out at you.

Merlin thank you anon, reading messages like this sure bring a much needed smile to my face! :’)