All righty they’re all finished now~ 

Just a reminder that only the above items have been drawn(plus Flowerfall & Flight Emblems) in so they’re at the regular 1-3k treasure price. The rest will have to be added in so they’ll be at 8-10k in treasure depending on the complexity. 

And if you’d like to order one the topic’s right here!

Edit: Prayer circle for I have so MANY TO DO AHAHA-

And here are those freebies~

I definitely figured out what needs to be re-worked and added though, like the gems for example- the lines for them need to be a little thinner.

I’ll work on all that stuff soon and start offering these babies in a couple of days in my adoptable shop~!

Oh my gosh I honestly thought I only needed to get Circuit and Gembond finished … I was so terribly wrong.

I just spent the last 4 hours or something getting every single gene drawn. :’D (Except for Iri/Shim, I already had them drawn in)

But yeah I’m offering some freebies, un-appareled. Just send me a message on Flight Rising to Verceri~









And if you’d like to add apparel for them later you can, but just a reminder that apparel will be at 8-10k treasure for each item once these Imps are available in my adoptable shop! (And once they’ve been drawn in they’ll be at the regular price of 1-3k depending on the size of them)

Thank you!

Thank you all so much for the pricing suggestions, gosh was that quick-

I’ll be sticking to selling dragon/quad chibis in the future starting at $15-$20 depending on complexity. I might raise the prices later as well, it all depends on how they do~

As soon as I’m all ready to start selling them I’ll make a new post on here. :)

Once again thank you all so very much for the help! ♥

Art Pricing help

So I’ve been doodling these little chibis for a couple of days and I’d like to start selling them soon!

… However I’ve no idea what to sell them in FR for. They take me an hour and a half, give or take a few minutes, depends on how much apparel they’re sporting.

Example 1

Examples 2

Examples 3

So if anyone could help with pricing these it’d be greatly appreciated! :’)

I was thinking at the least $10 for them, (Although that’d be 450k in treasure though, and 1000 gems …) (So maybe half of that until registration is open for good, say 200k in treasure, 500 gems?) what do you all think?


Only got one message on FR for these. ;; But it’s all right, I’ve got more than enough examples~! (Not doing anymore for now, sorry!)

These are fun and quick to do as well since they’re just sketchy little things. :)

And a freebie for May because it’s been MILLIONS OF YEARS since I last drew for you!


Thank you so very much for the sweet comments everyone, just wanted to let you all know I see and appreciate them greatly. ♥

Practicing some more chibis~

Would anyone in the Nature Flight like a freebie? Just send me a message with some reference(s) of either one of your dragon or other quad on Flight Rising to Verceri- but NOT here so I know you are indeed in the flight! I’ll reply back to those I end up drawing for but please don’t expect them to be done right away! :(

(So yeah if you don’t get a message back I’m sorry to say that I’ve drawn for someone else instead!)

A little chibi of one of my dragons~

Some stuff for some people on Flight Rising~

Top is Yra’s

Middle was for sugarskull

And the bottom is for the ever amazing lantadyme~!

Working on a freebie for a certain awesome someone. ;)

If you haven’t joined yet, Flight Rising is open for registration if anyone’s interested!

Oh and if anyone has any questions about the site feel free to ask me, I’ll try my best to answer them! Name’s Verceri on there as well! (ID#10266)