And the last limited headshots that I did on FR~!

I’ll offer more again next month for some Festival Currency. :)

Never knew how much I loved grayscale coloring until recently but RIP my hand aha

These are some (VERY CLEAN)sketchy headshots I’m doing on FR for 200 Shards each~ (Slots are all taken and the shop is closed until next month though, sorry!)

I’ll be finishing up the other two tomorrow! :)

All of these accents in the AH for 500 gems and 200k treasure each! :)

Just search for: Peonies, Studded, Roses, and Gems (I have so many of the new colors for the gems in stock though, look here for their names)


… I really like this grayscale coloring. Might make some freebies over on Gaia just like it later~

Never mind, offering 4 of these over on FR here for 200 Magical Shards each! :) Not drawing any dragons this time, but humans/anthros/gijinkas are perfectly fine!

All slots filled, I’ll offer these again next month~!

… I really like this grayscale coloring. Might make some freebies over on Gaia just like it later~

Anonymous whispered:
hey verceri! i was wondering if you knew of a guide or could explain how to submit skins/accents? it is confusing has heck, and i'm not sure how to go about it! thanks in advance.

Hello there anon!

I’m not sure what part you find confusing about it so I’ll go ahead and explain it all!

1. Click the Blueprint you’d like to use. Once clicked on, it should move to the once empty box with the “Remove” button in the middle.

2. Type the name of the skin/accent, select the breed, and then the gender that you made the skin/accent for.

3. Click on the “Choose File” button and a new window should pop up- find the skin/accent of yours and click “Open” on that pop up window.

4. Finally, click on the “Submit Skin” button and you’re done! :) A message will arrive telling you that you’ve successfully sent in your skin/accent~

Make sure to keep track of what skin/accent you sent somewhere, that way you don’t end up sending it twice or something! (Like I did a while back OTL)

And a final note: Sometimes there’s an error and you recieve double of what you ordered- send those extras to Undel!
If you have any other problems with your skin/accent (ex: The skin/accent doesn’t let you put it on the dragon that it’s supposed to) go here.


Renekin won my final Mini and here’s their Rhys~!

Annnd my final mini-draw! :) All that’s left is my final prize, a fully lined and colored Bust + any two of my accents so get those dragons in if you’d like a chance at all that~!

Accent artists!

Wondering if anyone has received theirs in the past 3 days or if it’s just me? :’)

Edit: Op, they’re arriving~!

The last Gem recolors I’ll be doing- or so I hope, no one ask for more. /sobbing

Are available in my shop!

I also have all the other Gems (besides the original Ruby Gems) in the AH if anyone would like to grab one for 500 gems / 200k treasure! :)

Taking slots for these Alt. Ruby Gems! Just message me if you’d like a slot~! (On FR, NOT on tumblr)

I also have a new policy on re-selling my accents:

Once you buy an accent it is yours to keep, trade, or sell for however much you want for it-

AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT re-sell for more than 500 gems / 200k treasure.
ANYONE that I see doing that will be blocked and I will no longer sell any of my accents to you.

Reminder that you can swap any of my accents with any others of mine free of charge, just message me!