All these Peonies and Magnolias in the AH for 500 gems and 200k treasure each~!

Anonymous whispered:
Your studded stars coatl accent is so amazing, it looks like actual apparel! On the black version the original coatl lines are pretty invisible [especially where the wrist cuff and collar are], so I was wondering how dark you can actually make your accent and still have it approved? Can your lineart be jet black or should it still be slightly faded like the rest of the accent?

Aww gosh thank you so much anon!

However you can’t make accents/skins with #000000 black.

"100% black is not permitted to cover large portions of surface area."

I’ve actually been lining with jet black but thanks to the brush I’ve been doing so with- the lines are lighter, #171717. So I just realized that’s why my dark accents, like the Gothic Black Roses, were accepted a while back.

Then again I’ve seen tattoos that were pretty dark, but I’m not sure if they were actually jet black however, so anyone correct me if I’m wrong!

Maybe he’s born with it.

Maybe it’s Maybelline.

On a serious note if you’re interested in my art (a bustshot to be exact) check out my previous post. :)


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Magnolias for the Skydancer ladies are available for slots over here for 500 gems each! :)

There’s also some Pearly Pink Peonies for 500 gems/200k treasure each in the AH~!

My entry for the Starfall Festival. :’)

Decided to give some room for these on my shop! :) 500 gems each so grab a slot if you’d like one!

And the Imperial from my last post is still available if anyone wants him~

"Studded Stars" WIP for the Coatls~

Commissions for Latei on Flight Rising of their OCs~

Thank you so much again for the Jewelry! ♥

arianagladewing whispered:
Where's your commission info? I see that you're presently closed but I'd like to find the thread and get pinged when you're open! I am really hoping to get a bust of my pudgy little Coatl from ya!

Oh sorry I haven’t made any shops yet aha! I’ve added you to the ping list however~

But the prices will be 2,500 gems/1mill treasure/$20 for a flat-colored and fully lined bust and 1,500 gems/600k treasure/$15 for a sketchy bust~

The prices will rise the more complex a character is.