Gaia Online Art Auction


Made one for one of my chibis over here if anyone’s interested!

Today’s the last day for the auction of one of my chibis~!

I won’t be doing anymore for a long while so if you’re wanting a shot at one the HB’s at 110B!

Here we go again.

Couldn’t figure out how to do the Coatl jewelry so I made some “Cat Lady” accents instead.

What recolors of these kitties would y’all like to see first(Tabby,Calico,etc.)?

Just have to do the 12344552 other recolors and they’ll be good to go!

… After I make some for the Coatls. :’)


Might just up the price for all the jewelry to 700 gems once I get off the hiatus. OTL

Gaia Online Art Auction

Made one for one of my chibis over here if anyone’s interested!

Was going to make some pixel art after 4 years but then I remembered that stuff takes SO LONG TO DO-

Still love seeing it from others though! Just … yeahhh not gonna try it myself anymore. :’)

Anyone on Gaia know how much these Mini Chibis could go for in Gold? (I was thinking $15 in USD if that helps any)

Edit: Yeah true, I think I’ll just hold an auction. :(

Forgot about my poor Sprout - Got lazy with coloring the clothing so I just left it all one color. :’) 

I’m still on that hiatus tho …

Registration for Flight Rising is still open but only for Oct. 5:30 13th until 5:30 14th Flight Rising time so click here if you’d like to join!

And the last chibis I did~

(The human chibi up there is my Lune- I made him into a Gaia avatar and I just … oh my god. He’s too cute OTL)

Got tired of drawing them though so I’ll be doing some headshots later instead. :’)

Anonymous whispered:
ugh that werewolf comic was SO good until you decided to use the word GAY to describe something tiny and cute as opposed to big and scary.

Unless someone edited my posts I honestly never did?

My OC Zaurien IS gay though- in a homosexual way.