She’s such a pretty and bright Fae, wowiee~!

For sunflowerwonder

Had fun with the smoke even though it took a while aha~

Pearly Gold/Pink Peonies and Gothic Golden/Caribbean Roses are all available in the AH for 500 gems and 200k treasure each! :)

Another WIP~

Can’t wait to line the Sunflowers she’s on. :)

2 Gothic White Roses available in the AH for 500 gems and 200k treasure! :)



Hey everyone meet the newest member in my lair.

His name is Death-ER, I MEAN, HIS NAME IS KETCHUP.


One of his favorite hobbies include eating -PLAYING with adult dragons so please give him a warm welcome. :)

And more cute adoptables I did~

Apparel that I’ve already drawn in are half off, and I also take payment in food points as well! :)

On another note- 2 Gothic Pink Roses are up in the AH for 500 gems and 200k treasure!

Anonymous whispered:
Your art is just so gorgeous that it makes me happy just looking at it. I often just come to your tumblr to see what new things you have posted, since it's too hard to keep up with just the dashboard. Thank you for all you share <3

Oh me god.

Anon you are just too-

SWEET AND BEAUTIFUL, YOU AMAZING PERSON YOU. Holly smokes thank you so very much for taking your time to send me this! ;; Thank you for sharing these kind words!

Edit: Y’all are just too sweet oh my goodness! ;;

Showing off my beautiful girls wearing the Gothic Violet/Red Roses- both available in the AH for 500 gems and 200k!

Just the Violets for 500 gems are available!

All gone!

All the Coatl adopts I did so far today~!

The base price for ‘em is 60k so if you’re interested in ‘em get them over here. :)