More Coatl adopts that I did- if you’d like one they’re 60k a pop, (genes included) over here~!

If your Coatl is Eternally Youth’d you get that one for free! :)

Top anon:

I definitely will be eventually~! The base price for them will be 1mill in treasure or 2.5k in gems.

Bottom anon:

Oh gosh thank you kindly! ;v; And no worries I can hold one of the Blue Peonies for you, just message me please over on FR!

More babies~

The previous ones are over here. :)


Any requests for other unevolved ‘mons?

Edit: Going to sleep now, will check back on those requests after I wake up!

Edit2: The second batch is over here~

Some Pearly Blue Peonies are available in the AH for both 500 gems and 200k treasure if anyone would like one! :)

There’s still 2 more copies of the Black ones as well~

Icons for sale!

The ones I’ve recently been making~

They’re available for $15 each over here at Subeta if anyone’s interested! :) (Or buy 5 for $65/80mill sP, or buy 10 for $120/150mill sP)

Reminder that I won’t be making anymore freebies for ‘em so if you’re waiting for that … sorry!

Anonymous whispered:
can you trade gems back into real money?

Sadly no. :( Nor can you sell the gems to others to do so.

"The sale of Flight Rising items or accounts for $USD or “real-world” currency is prohibited.”

But if I’m wrong someone please feel free to tell me!

Anonymous whispered:
Hi! I hope I'm not bothering, but could you tell us how you decide on prices for your art on FR? I've been meaning to open an art thread, but I'm not sure how to go about pricing my art [mainly I don't know how much is too much, and I'm worried about overpricing or underpricing];; Thanks!

Hiya anon, no bother at all~! I’d price your stuff by what you normally sell your stuff for, and to do that I just go by how much the gems are going in USD which you can see on the “Purchase Gems” section under the big ‘ol white letters that read “Shop” on the left-hand side on FR.


Let’s say I want to sell something for $10. That’d be 1k in gems. All you have to do now is go on to the forums on the “Items For Sale” thread and figure out what gems are currently going for in treasure and that’s it! :)

(The gem rate’s around 300-350 at the moment, or you could not care at all like I do and just price the gems at 1:400+, albeit the amount of stuff you’ll be able to sell will depend on your art skills)

Free icons from that last post!

There’s still the $15 spot left if anyone wants it. I won’t be doing freebies for these anymore once I start selling them in a few days.

Characters belong to their respective owners~!


Anyone up for some quad Icon freebies before I open a shop over on Subeta?


4th slot is open for $15 if anyone’s interested in it! Only quads- they can be virtual pets or real life pets, whatever~!

EDIT: Just send the refs over, no need to ask if they’re still available, just check my original post to see if the slots are taken or not! :)