Art price help again

So about those recent 200x200 Icons … I’m not really sure what to price them at in USD or sP. I’d like to open up a shop on Subeta and offer ‘em as pet buttons or whatnot. :’)

They’re flat colored and have some highlights here and there. I’ve seen some go for $10-$15 a pop though so would that be the range for mine?

Oh and another question: Is it still possible to just have one sP slot while the other five slots are USD or has that changed?

EDIT: Thank you so much for the help, I’ll be selling them for $15 a pop soon! :)

Whoops let me try again-

More freebie icons and their resized versions~!

All characters belong to their owners and PLEASE DO NOT USE/TAKE AN ICON THAT IS NOT YOURS.

All the freebies I did on Subeta today~ 

I forgot how fun petbuttons could be!

Free quads!

I’m doing some small 200x200 little fullbodies on Subeta if anyone’s interested!

Not sure if they’re going to be fully colored or what yet or how many I want to do but yeah, feel free to post!

Subeta Adoptions

Hey guys just a heads up, if any of you play Subeta I have quite a few Pokemon names up for adoption:

Cyndaquil, Mudkip, Zorua, Budew, Seaking, Golurk, Phanpy, and Ralts 

The deadline will be on August the 10th and the rest of the info is here.

This one’s for Vela!

Gosh, I remembered I love drawing Popokos~